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Who I am and how I got here; a short bio

Hello to you and thanks for choosing to read my story. To give you some context and an idea of where my writing comes from, I offer my brief life journey: Like all children I was pretty sensitive at a young age, always noticing, feeling, and receiving input from the world around me, both seen and unseen. I thought it was normal to feel (and sometimes see and hear) life beyond the physical senses. I communed with plants and animals and knew in my heart that the kinship I felt with them was very real

and very normal. I literally felt their individual personalities... and still do. As I grew older my awareness of non-physical, or spirit, grew deeper and more profound. I also became aware that the world I lived in did not accept, and even ridiculed, this way of being. Hiding my experiences was easier and this led to an anxiety and depression that I could not explain to any adult. The only place I found genuine relief was in the wilderness. No cars, no buildings, and trees and animals outnumbered the humans. Nature was my happy place! It was the place I felt safest and most at home. It still is.

Fast forward, this deep love and kinship with Nature led me to a career as an environmental educator in the non-profit sector for the past 20 years (where my love of science blossomed). I have been teaching ecology and climate science for years and have spent my entire life seeking out ways that I could be a voice for the natural world. Little did I know that one day I might actually hear the voice of Mother Earth herself. I know, sounds crazy but stay with me...

I want to be clear and say that this is something each and every one of us can do. We are all connected to Earth source because we are all part of Nature. It's our birthright. I also believe that science and spirit are compatible and are simply two different ways of telling the same story, if you listen closely and seek the parallels. I have felt the distinct energy and consciousness of Earth my entire life. I believe we all do in our different ways and countless indigenous cultures around the world have always known that our soul connections to her are a natural part of life. The rest of the world is finally beginning to remember this now. Whether it be a cosmic collective, feminine aspect of the Godhead, particles in a vast magnetic field, or whatever... this energy has always felt like a great and nurturing being to me so I will call her Mother Earth or Gaia. I encourage you to connect with Earth in the way that feels like home for you. All of this leads up to my point for being here and for starting this blog...

After years of moving around and living on two different coasts, I finally landed in a place I could call home, a gorgeous rural county in Northern California. I moved to this beautiful place in September of 2016. The following autumn it would all go up in flames with the first of many wild fires. I had to evacuate for 13 days, not knowing if I would have a home or job to return to. That terrifying event was the culmination of several years of painful hardship and loss and I was literally taken to my knees… raw, empty, and numb.

A few weeks after I had returned home to my fire-ravaged valley (luckily all the houses on my street were still in-tact) I decided to take a walk through the burnt-out park that I lived behind. Wordless and dazed, I strolled along the paved pathways through scorched hillsides, still smoking with underground embers that refused to die. I looked eastward to the decimated ridge across the valley, once lush with pine and oak forest, now a blackened wasteland. My heart was utterly broken. I sat down and wept for the beautiful Earth Mother. Without thinking, I spoke out and I asked her a direct question. To my profound and utter surprise, I heard an answer! Rather, I felt the answer throughout my entire body. It's difficult to explain but it is a decidedly different experience from having an epiphany or the rise of subconscious thought integrating with conscious awareness. That is satisfying enough, but this is altogether different. Those who channel and receive "downloads" know what I'm trying to describe here. If you struggle with accepting this concept, consider it an exceptionally deep and overwhelming intuition or unquestionable knowing. It doesn’t really matter at the end of the day. What is important is that this was the moment I began to communicate directly with Mother Earth, or Gaia. Again, something we can all do, and I think many of us do in our different ways. But I fear too many are still asleep to this relationship. I hope my life’s work can play a small part in helping to awaken them to this most sacred of relationships.

Since 2017, I have been working on developing this new level of communication through meditation and other methods and it has enriched my life in so many beautiful ways. Due to my work in a field that is not especially open to extra-sensory modalities... yet, I've been discreet and have kept these communications to myself, but for a very small handful of trusted friends and family. However, I have been compelled this year to begin sharing this communication publicly. So here I am. Ready to come out of hiding and share with whomever finds their way to this blog. As I receive new messages and insights I will post them on this blog, and as I always like to say, take what works for you and leave what doesn't. You know your truth better than anyone. I offer it all with great love and light and may your time here offer you what you need on your journey in this moment.

Blessings and light,

K. Marie


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