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Conversations with the Forest - Advice from the Golden Poppy

As springtime marches towards its zenith and the sun shines warm and bright for the better part of the day, our California hillsides sprout their seasonal carpets of elegantly bold and brilliant hues of yellow and orange. The California poppy graces our vernal landscapes with grounded sunshine that beams at you from coastal cliffs and steep hillsides. They positively glow in the middle of the day, casting a beautifully gentle light from the subtle sheen on their thin fluttering petals. These wild blossoms have always bewitched me and I often find myself gazing into their colorful depths for lengths at a time.

If you have read my previous blogs you know my process. I go out to sit with different plant and animal beings and move into prayerful meditation with Gaia and the individual being. Once I feel connected I ask my question and wait to feel the response, if one comes at all. So far I have not been disappointed. I always write these responses from Nature in bold and then follow with my immediate insights and impressions as they came to me while I was still in connection. Finally, I offer a bit of natural history to balance the overall message and hopefully show the clear connections and parallels between science and Spirit. As it is my favorite flower, I was eager to commune with the golden poppy and feel its voice. Poppy's message was unsurprisingly bold and bright, just like the distinctive blossom itself. I offer this with joy and light and hope that it offers you something that you need to hear at this time in your journey.

A Conversation with Golden Poppy

ME: Sweet poppy, what can you teach us humans today?

POPPY: Life can thrive and offer much from little. You have more in you than you know. You are complete right now. Burst forth with your colors in your time.

Let this sit for a minute...

My immediate insights:

To me this was a message about the power within, as I also felt the phrase, “a universe within a seed.” We already posses within us, everything we need to become the fullest expression of ourselves. It doesn’t matter where we come from or how much we have or don’t have. Our physical and material life conditions are just conditions and, though they can affect our comfort levels and meet (or not meet) our physical needs, they do not represent the universe that is inside of us. We are each a seed. We just need to allow ourselves the grace and space to germinate naturally and take our time as we grow and stumble and learn. As you travel through your life, slowly unfolding your layers and petals, you will know when it is time for you to let your full power and talents shine for others, whether its through a job, a hobby, or just the way you communicate and connect with the world around you. There is no schedule. There is no, “it’s too late for me - or - I am behind the game.” Those concepts are illusion. In your divine time, you will be ready to let your colors burst forth. Allow poppy to support you with its energy and brilliance as you walk your path.

Some natural history on the Golden Poppy:

The golden poppy is a wildflower native to California and parts of Mexico. The smooth cup shaped blossoms are elegantly simple in structure and the light feathery leaves allow winds to pass through easily and reduces direct exposure from the sun, which helps to reduce moisture loss. The most amazing thing about these gorgeous flowers is that they grow anywhere! They can thrive in impoverished soils and require minimal

water and lots of sunshine. They are also tenacious as they often grow out of cracked asphalt, barren sidewalks, and random walls, bringing immense beauty to some relatively ugly places. They don’t need much to flourish and to bring their full beauty to the world.

Sweet blessings to you,

K. Marie


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