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Hello and welcome to my blog! This is a space where science and spirit meet to tell a more complete story of life in our beautiful world. My name is K Marie and I invite you to join me on a sacred journey with Nature that began for me when I was a very small child; a journey of connection and communication that has grown into a living dialogue with the non-physical aspects, and spirit of, Earth consciousness, a.k.a. Gaia. Over the last decade, a series of extremely challenging life events and natural disasters has escalated this relationship and opened me up in ways that have allowed a more direct connection, wherein I receive insights and messages from Gaia and Spirit through a combination of prayerful meditation and unexpected “downloads.” This blog is where I share those messages with you, because really, they are for all of us.

As I receive new messages and insights I will post them here. Take what works for you, leave what doesn't. You know your truth better than anyone. For me, these messages come in with love and so much light and I share them with you in that same energy. May they bring you insight, comfort, or even just chewy food for thought. Thank you for coming here and for your open heart and mind. I look forward to journeying with you, should you choose to return. 


Blessings and light,

K. Marie

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